STRAIGHTGRUB is a lifestyle brand inspired by food culture and everything delicious. We honor the culture and selfless craft of cooks, chefs and every link in the food chain. You don't have to be a good cook to grind with us. All you need is an insatiable, hungry appetite. We do not discriminate. We celebrate our differences. We are all contributing to the fulfillment and nourishment of our communities.


Our three principles:

STAY HUNGRY. Motivate yourself. Push through obstacles. Fight for what you love. Never lose your appetite.

OBEY YOUR BELLY. Trust your gut. Follow your instincts. Believe in yourself. Give in to your cravings.

SHARE YOUR PLATE. Give back. Feed generously. Volunteer your time and abilities. Be socially responsible.


*We donate a portion of profits to causes we believe in. At this time, proceeds will go to support the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank on a quarter-yearly basis. It is a small gesture. But as we know well, a full stomach can make all the difference.


P.S. Feel free to reach out for collaborations, to apply as a donation recipient and any other inquiries by sending an e-mail to straightgrub@gmail.com.



Mitchell Ida, Founder